Mitushi Ajmera - Wellness coach,fitness & sports nutritionist, pilates & fitness trainer

Pre - Season Nutrition

Body Weight

Stop all weight loss programs and maintain the body weight


Practice good hydration through the day, crosscheck with the color and output of urine.


Prefect the Pre-, Intra- & Post run foods. Eat a high Carbohydrate, moderate protein and fat diet.

Pre-run: Never run on an empty stomach, eat a high carb and low fat and protein meal

Intra-run: Consume energy drinks during the long pratice runs (If possible, use the same brand that is being provided during the event.

Post-run: Eat a wholesome meal with a minimum fat.


Continue the pre-season nutrition.

Eat foods that have already been tried.

Add extra serving of carbohydrate per meal for carb loading.


Do not try anything new.

Do not try to lose weight.

Do not get carried away with carb loading.

Avoid Alchohol.

Avoid late nights.

Avoid intense workout or activity until the race day

Eat Better to run better..
For a Fitter, Stronger You!

Race Day & Post Event

Race Day

Start hydrating upon waking up.

Eat a high carb, low fat and protein meal 2-3 hours prior to the race.

Eat a small carb snack 45-60 minutes before the race.

Do not over hydrate during the race. Consuming 200ml of water or energy drink every 30 - 40minutes should be sufficient and alternating between them is a good strategy to keep a balance.

Post Event

Lots of fluid

High carb and moderate protein meal to start the recovery.